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Grand Central Market

Hi Goddesses,

OMG! I'm having the absolute best time doing these bite size travel segments for you lot and myself as well. Not only do I get to go and do so many cool things right here in Los Angeles but for the most I get to do that at a fraction of the cost of taking a trip aboard or to another city; not that I don't want to do that as well. I do. Yesterday's adventures involved seeing foods from around the world at Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles on Broadway and 3rd Street. D and I taste tested a PB & J place, ice cream samples, and ended up setting on Japanese food.

This scene at the entrance was so cool both D and I had to take a picture.  I mean it says tropical island vibes though the air was a bit chilled for a Cali night.
 Grand Market has so much variety in a little bit place. It's truly amazing. Below is a little Filipino food vendor. We thought we wanted to eat there but they mainly served Pork and we don't eat the cute little piggies.

 When our eyes feasted on the chocolate we  thought for sure we'd have a bit of sweet but the vendor was closed. That didn't stop me from sharing the amazing looking square treats.

In the end it was Japanese food. Our goal was to aim for something different but the only food we hadn't tried  was the Filipino food. 

To see more of our adventures visit our Youtube channel That Style Place .


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