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Will You Help A Stranger Reach Her Dreams? I'm Not Asking for Money Just A Vote

Hi Goddess + Gods,

From now until December 17th, I'll be asking you to help me land my dream job with Cancun.Com. 
 I don't have much family or friends. So I can only count on the generosity of my  fellow bloggers to vote for me. Since voting is a major factor in the deciding factor of who can be a CEO (Cancun Experience Officer) I need to shamelessly promote myself to get people (i.e you, strangers to vote for me).
The job? 6 months in Cancun, Mexico where you share your travel experience while living aboard. If chosen I'll be a brand ambassador for Cancun so I'll show people who want to travel there for holiday, weddings, honeymoon, the best places to eat, shop, scuba, etc. 
I also made a video explaining why I'd be a great CEO for the Cancun.Com.

You can vote for me here. For those that vote for me thank you and for anyone viewing this blog post thanks too.


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