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Blogmas 2017 Ideas Free Trifold Brochure To Keep You Filled with Ideas

Hi Chummies,

I'm officially technically 4 days behind, which is behind strange to me since I've been working like mad on projects to have things to blog about especially for blogmas. Since I'm a new blogger, well not really I've been blogging off and on since 2010, but not really professionally or for myself I did a lot of ghost writing and content writing. I did have a blog that I shared with my sister....I digress... My point is that this is my first time ever doing Blogmas and I wanted to start it off with a bang. Mission Accomplished. At least I think so. Not only do I have so many ideas of what to do for Blogmas but I decided to share some with you. The best part is you can print my ideas out.  I only gave 12 ideas some of them I'll be doing myself others I won't be. One of the ideas is a hot coco bar which I have to tell you I'm super excited about.

I hope you like this post and find this helpful. When printed it becomes a tri-fold brochure.

XOXO, Jordan

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