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Build It Cava Yummy Rice Bowls

 Hi matey-mates,

Let's talk about Cava the Greek and Mediterranean restuarant located inside the USC Village at:

3201 S. Hoover Street
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Hours: Daily, 11am-10pm

The found is absolutely amazing, the flavours and ingrediants used for the salad or rice bowls (can we also talk about how we can choose which one we want too?). These three guys who created Cava knew what they were doing we they decided to open up this delectable eatery.   Not, only did they think of a way people can get their food quickly, they made sure that people had healthy options.

 Dani and I both got rice as our base, however if we wanted to we could have gone with lettuce, grain and greens, a grain bowl, or pitas.  What comes after the base is the choice of three dips and spread, followed by your pick of protein.  For more in depth detail of what Dani and I got and how it's all done check out our youtube below.

One of the reasons that Cava stood out to me is because of how they use their plastic it's made from tree bark, or something that allows it to be put in the compost. They also separate trash and compost at the restaurant. Do their part and providing good meals is a win-win.

Learn more about Cava by following their website.

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