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My Goodbye and Hello to InstaNatural

Hi Chummies, 

I have dry skin, I don't mean it's a little dry I mean I have very dry skin. Which is probably one of the reasons it's taken me so long to get into makeup. The first time I tried a foundation it made me drier than I normally am so I never went back. Fast forward and here I am in my 30s just getting into makeup. Buying stocking stuffers for my little sister who'll be 18 this Feb made me think about my own experience with makeup and how we (most of us) always forget about skin. Skin is so important too, especially during winter months. Those Like me with dry skin should have a good skincare regime during this time. I  make sure I use products that won't dry it out. 

I remember the first natural products I tried when I first started to get into taking care of my skin was InstaNatural. That was back in 2014. 3 Years ago! Some of my relationships haven't lasted that long. Though I love this product I think I should point out that this isn't a sponsored post.

 I just recently ran out of the last stock I had in my personal collection of this product. At the time when my family joked that I had enough product to last me years I didn't think it was true. I'm Gobsmacked, truly, since I'm using old school slang; that they were right. Though I made a short YT video of my four favourite products I'm already out of the serum. 

When I went online recently to order more products I notice the change in the packaging and I felt a certain type of way. I just didn't feel like the product I love. Those who don't change....don't change I don't have time to look up a quote about change and I can't remember one.  Until next time

XOXO, Jordan

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