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Vlogmas/Blogmas Stree and How to Deal

Hi Goddess and Gods,

Today is Sunday so I thought I'd talk about the stress that comes with being a blogger/vlogger. I just ventured into this lifestyle and admittedly I didn't realise that it would be so stressful. There's so much planning involved. You have to plan out what you want to say, what you want to photography and if you are a vlogger as well there's planning what to wear, where to shoot, what to say so that your video isn't too long and where to go. 

There are a few things I found that have helped me as a beginner blogger/vlogger. One of those things is Later. It's an instagram app that helps you schedule your instagram posts. I use it to make sure my colour scheme stays on point. I don't necessarily have a regular colour scheme. I don't do all blacks, pastels or anything like that. My colour is scheme is whatever I'm wearing or showcasing. Lately it's been a lot of red and blues. I think the next colour I used is green so everything for my week of posts will have some type of green in it.

This app keeps me from worrying about whether or not my Insta looks good. Another app I've been using that has reduced my stress is Hootsuite. I was using Co-Schedule but it just didn't have the same effect for me as Hootsuite. Using Hootsuite, I scheduled which posts I wanted to share to which social media platforms and how much I wanted to share to each platform. Although Co-Schedule can help you plan out your posts and even schedule them it just wasn't for me as someone who uses and loves blogger. I know several people use Wordpress and rave about it. I've personally just never liked Wordpress.

 I hope sharing these few tools that I use as a new blogger can help another new blogger. Stress isn't welcomed there's for too much to do.

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