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Wish/Ebay/Aliexpress $1 Lippies Uses Some of the Same Ingredients as Lipsense But will it Kill You?

Hi Goddesses, 

I've recently gotten into the makeup in my 30s I know I'm late, but there are no rules when it comes to makeup. Instead of blowing my money on the latest trends I decided to search for cheap lip-glosses and I run across the Wish app. 

In case, you don't know Wish is a app based in China that sells clothing, household items, and little bits and bobs for next to nothing. The app can honestly be hit or miss depending on the seller. I've found 5 Sellers I really love and I don't go anywhere else. Before I narrowed it down to my Top 5 I had to talk to customer service about items not looking like the picture or items never shown up and needing a refund. In that sense Wish is a lot like Ebay and Amazon where multiple sellers use the app to sell their goods. Unlike Ebay and Amazon; Wish doesn't do the best monitoring of sellers who post illegal images or sell counterfeit items.

I made my decision about these three lippie items solely based on the fact that I got them 'for free' I say that because you always have to pay shipping even if you're paying the items from the same seller and there is no way to contact the seller and let them know you want all your items in one box.
I got colours 15, 16, and 11. 11 Shown in the picture above. If you'd like to see the colours on me then be sure to check out my Youtube video see below.

So you want to know if you'll die if you use these lippies. Probably not but this is going to be my last time using them. I think I'll check out Shop Miss A or Beauty Junkie they are cruelty free. I might even venture into making my own. What to know why I'm willing to let my $6 (it's a lot to me I'm a struggling artist) go to waste?

The first ingredient I found inside these lip glosses isn't that bad Isododecane. It's used to help the gloss spread on your lips and keep it matte. It prevents evaporation from water from the skin it's what makes this product 'weightless'.

When we move on to the other ingredient we start to have some issues. Not little bitty issues but Grand Master Holly Hell issues. The next ingredient is  Acrylamide co-polymer or Polyacrylamide which is used in several products from anti-aging, hair and lotion. It's job is essentially to be the glue that binds and stabilizes the  products together. I have no problem with the Jimmy Neutron of it all. What I do have a  problem with is polyacrylamide is also used in sewer water and cigarettes. Ew. Not only that but in the EU products that have Polyacrylamide is banned. Hello I'm walking around with a drug basically.

Kaolin is the safest and purest thing these lippies have in them. It's a natural clay used for colouring.

Next on our list of OH HELL NAH is Polystyrene it's a petroleum based product. I could go on about why this is going to either turn  you complete off these lippies or make you shrug. If you want to know why you shouldn't use petro based products read this article. 

Cetearyl Alcohol is another one of those products that would make this blog post a book if I said everything about why you shouldn't or perhaps you feel you should and just want a read.

Now for me this right here the Methylparaben was the kicker I needed to make the executive decision to say Adios to these lippies. Methrylparaben is a preservative sounds okay right. Wrong. You couldn't be more wrong. Said and Written in Ross Geller voice. This ingredient is known to put woman at a higher breast cancer risk. Seeing that I lost my Nana to breast cancer I'm  already at a higher risk I don't need to add anymore risks.

Have you tried  any cheap lippies? Where they vegan? Did you make them yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

XOXO, Jordan

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