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6 Essential Plus Size Bra Styles Every Woman Needs To Own

Hi Goddess,

Let's get intimate for a minute and talk about breast, not just any breast, plus-sized big boobs, that are often forced to wear a certain type of bra. You know the ones I mean the huge beige granny bra's that make you feel un-sexy. Luckily the last few years have changed how companies view plus size woman so now we have choices, although companies have changed and now offer more things to the plus size body in terms of clothing bras and lingerie are a bit different.

When it comes to bras and lingerie the biggest size tends to be a DD and in lingerie, a 3X is the highest they go up to, so when brands like Hips and Curve recognise that all women want to feel sexy whether they're a size 10 or 24 I feel excited about partnering with them. Especially since excepting my large breast is something that I still struggle with so when companies make me feel disappointed that they don't offer my bra since it brings back memories of utter disappointment. Let's me take you back for a moment.

Here I was this young lass with a body that didn't look like my mates, who were both taller and skinny than me. Back in the 90s, I was more boob than anything else, I was all of 5'1 a size 10 and a DD. I was the fat friend compared to my 5'5 and 5'8, coveted size 2 and 6 friends. I longed to look like them and have a flat tummy and curves in the so-called right places, yet here I was an apple shape girl in a thin world. At least it felt that way to me at 16.

For the most part being the 'fat friend' didn't bother me except the one time we ended up at the mall to go bra shopping after one of my mates' bra strap broke right on the bus home from school. She insisted we give off the bus with her and head to the nearest Victoria Secret.
While my mates were in fits of giggles about how being able to get sized and fitted for bras like a grown up I felt terrible. After I was sized I was told they had a limited supply of my then DD. By limited, they meant beige and nude bra's that didn't fit, despite the free fitting that confirmed my breast size and was so ugly compared to my friends lacy and colourful bras.

I left the mall feeling deflated while listening to my mates talk about how great their breast look and how womanly they felt. Being seen as a woman was everything to our sixteen-year-old selves. At that moment I developed this hatred with bras and my breast.

Flash forward a few years and a few-okay-a lot more pounds heavier and bigger boob-ed later, and I still have a love/hate relationship with both bras and my breast. But I'm learning to love my breast, saggy, and all. Companies like HipsandCurve that make cute fashionable bras for plus size woman with big breast have a hand in making me more comfortable with having big breast.
Plus Size Scalloped Lace Cap Sleeve Bra, Black
While I was thinking going through the Hips and Curves site I saw so many styles of bras so it got me thinking about a blog topic. Yep, the idea for this post was born while I was browsing for a bra that offered full support without an underwire. I absolutely hate underwires. During my search, I realised I had no idea what all these bra types where but I knew that I had to have some of them they were just too pretty not to be added to my wardrobe.

Now that I learned about the different bra styles I thought I'd share with you a few of them and why I think they need to be a staple in your wardrobe aside from the fact that they're gorgeous.

The first bra that every woman, especially those of us in the big titty committee needs in our arsenal is a bra that offers full support. A full support bra is exactly as it sounds; they cover the breast, hold the girls in place, either with sturdy underwire or like the bra above a molded cup for added support to lift and make the girls sit up nice and perky. The Scallop Sleeve Lace Bra is perfect not only for support but for dresses with a slight plunge line.

Plus Size Layla Fold Down Lace Bra, Raspberry
The little sister to your full support bra is the demi bra, demi bras cover half of your breast and curve your body naturally to your body without any heavy extra padding like a push-up bra. She's the perfect bra to wear in a low cut dress that displays your cleavage. For those girl's night out or even nights in with bae wear something like Layla (pictured above).

Plus Size Felicia Lace Push-up Bra, Turquoise and Black
For those nights out painting the town a plunging bra is necessary. Plunge bras are used for those deep low necklines. Like when you find that dress that looks banging on you but your bra is exposed and you need support, cos going without a bra for a big breast girl, isn't an option. That's when plunge bras like Felicia come to the rescue.

Plus Size Pretty T-Shirt Bra, Red
 Basic tees are staples in everyone's closest which is exactly why this bra needs to be an added addition to the family. Pretty t-shirt bras have seamless cups and look good under the thin layer of t-shirts.

Plus Size 5 Way Convertible Plus Size Bra, Black
Convertible bras, need I say more. Yes, another stable like a good t-shirt bra is the 5 Way Convertible Bra. These guys are busy bees they allow you to they allow you to look fabulous without having to switch up bras if you have a busy day. Go from conference room to date night comfortably.

Plus Size Lace Halter Bralette with Detachable Harness, Black
Bralette's are the last item you need in your closet. They are the bras that are meant to be seen. That cut out shirt you wanted but couldn't figure out how to wear a bra with it, now you do wear a cute lacy bralette.

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XOXO, Jordan

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